Collective Sun is funded in part by a Community Arts Partnership Program grant from Alternate Roots –

And through the generosity of many grassroots supporters

Tema Jon Akun

Sam Hummel –  “I’ve seen the incredible passion, love and determination that goes into Spirithouse’s work with youth, and feel privileged to be able to support such powerful change-making work.”

Carly McGee– “Go SpiritHouse Go! Much love!”

Faith Holseart– “The work of SpiritHouse is an under-acknowledged and definitely under-funded treasure of community organizing and youth nurturance in Durham, NC. Should be a model for the entire nation, the world.”

Jade Brooks– “i am moved and inspired by your work.”

Wendi O’neal- “Beautiful work. Transformative Action. Loving what you do.”

Rebecca Miel- “Thanks for doing all of the amazing work you do. A true inspiration!”

Anne Russo

Trishala Deb

Brandon J Hudson

Caitlin Breedlove- “Love this work xoxo”

Chris Massenburg- “Happy to support such a wonderful cause!”

Adele Nieves– “Always with you!”

Dannette, Sammy & Baez Sharpley-Troung- “Thank you for your transformational work.  And thanks for your brilliant and courageous example of making a way out of no way.  I’m glad to support the project, and I hope you reach your goal!  <3”

Carolyn Campbell– “This work is sustaining and real, creative and beautiful, necessary and important. Thank you, Collective Sun, for sharing so much with so many of us.”

Nick Slie

Naeemah Kelly– “So y’all know I’m on that college girl budget but I could fit this into the budget. I love y’all!”

Theo Luebke

Zachari Curtis

Alexis Pauline Gumbs– “I love you all and each! And I’m in such great company with these other inspiring contributors!!!!!!!! <3”

Kriti Sharma–  “Cheering you/us on all the way. All love and respect.”

Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha– “I love you and I love collective resilience.”

DaKishia Reid- “Hello there, loves! Rock on. Be bold. Amen and amen. Please donate my tickets to someone in the community who would like to attend.
Thank you for what you bring to us all.”

Sendolo Diaminah- “Blessings.”

Malachi Garza– “SpiritHouse is amazing and deserves support in spades. Please don’t worry about sendin them ‘perks.’ Save the expense for the work.”

Julia Dawson – SpiritHouse and the people who have built it are true love activists and community organizers. I look forward to learning more from them, and walking with them, through Collective Sun. Pass it on, y’all!

Tin Nguyen– “Spirit and memory of Mr. K. Thomas”

Katina Parker Adele Rose & Ayanna– “We love you all and we believe in your ability to transform our communities, one collective action at a time!.”

Lynn Walter- “Here, here to the amazing work of SpiritHouse and the fantasticness that is Collective Sun!”

Theresa Cunningham- I remain in awe of the brilliant important work that you do. Ashe.

Elizabeth Brownrigg

Suzanne Ellett

Paola Guerrero Barba


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