The Facts

Federally Funded Report: Sexual Violence in the Texas Prison System


Racial disparities in Durham Public Schools suspension rates (2009/10 snapshot)

District-wide (K-12) suspensions
Black students- 14%
White Students- 3%
Percentage point gap- 11%

Black High school students- 20%
White High school students- 5%
Percentage point gap- 15%

Black middle school students- 16%
White middle school students- 3%
Percentage point gap- 13%

District-wide (K-12) Students with disabilities suspensions

Black students with disabilities- 23.3%
White students with disabilities- 6.3 %
Percentage point gap- 17%

Black middle school students with disabilities- 32%
White middle school students with disabilities- 8%
Percentage point gap- 24%


~ Blacks Receive Longer Sentences for the Same Crimes ~


Read up on the statistics that reveal the mortality rate of inmates between 2001-2009. In 2009, 32% of all inmates contained in the local jail system committed suicide.


North Carolina has the 3rd highest rate and the 4th highest number of suspensions in the nation. 41% of North Carolina’s Juvenile offenders are referred into the system through their schools. “Step up” is a game used by students in the SpiritHouse Choosing Sides/Youth Noise Network program to teach community stakeholders about racial disparities and North Carolina’s School to Prison Pipeline.


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