Women in prison

Mobile Midwives: Doing the Thing



Giving Birth in Chains: The Shackling of Incarcerated Women During Labor and Delivery



State bill would ban shackling female prisoners giving birth in Pennsylvania



Jails Can Shackle Inmates Giving Birth



Legislation is moving forward that would ban shackling of prisoners giving birth, in Idaho’s prison system.





Professor Chesney-Lind was quoted in an article by Julianne Hing from ColorLines.com, which was redistributed by Truthout.org (“Jezebels, Welfare Queens, and Now, Criminally Bad Black Moms”).

In the last 20 years, women of color have become the fastest growing segment of the prison population, driven in large part by new classes of crimes that have been created or relabeled, said University of Hawaii criminologist Meda Chesney-Lind. Where 20 years ago crimes like the sale and possession of tiny amounts of drugs, or drug use during pregnancy, were not even considered crimes, today they are fueling a massive uptick in incarceration rates. The addition of mandatory minimum prison sentencing over the years eliminated judges’ discretion and contributed to these racially disparate increases.


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